Thursday, June 20, 2013

Clueless About Clothes

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I don’t know exactly how, but I missed the memo other women apparently got about how to “do” clothes. 

But in recent years, clothes-shopping has become easier for me.

It's because more and more clothing retailers allow their shoppers to leave reviews and even ask each other questions on their websites.

I feel like I am getting a crash course in fashion. Going online now, I get sisterly advice on everything from how clothing should be constructed to how outfits could be accessorized, about what’s the “right” thing to wear on a cruise, as the mother of the bride, at a business function, if you are "curvy" as opposed to "straight" or short as opposed to tall:

“I love the surplice front of this [bathing] suit. It is very flattering and hides a multitude of faults … Unfortunately, the seat portion of the suit is very poorly fitted … The elastic literally hangs, and when you walk, the suit goes WAY up into the hinterlands.”

I love to see these women’s thinking. Because, unlike me in a fitting room, they ARE thinking. They KNOW stuff. They don’t just try something on and groan about how bad it looks before they rip it off themselves.

I can’t tell you what a revelation it was when a reviewer of a dress I was interested in said the fit wasn’t exactly right but it was an easy and inexpensive fix at the tailor. 


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