Tuesday, November 26, 2013

May I Never Be Grouchy About Halloween

Halloween is my husband’s favorite holiday; he likes it even more than Christmas. I’m a Christmas girl, but Halloween is a close second. I have a nephew, an adult, who goes to great lengths with his Halloween costumes. One year, he shaved his head for it. My own son, age 14, soaked a ripped t-shirt in fake blood this Halloween, then lay out in our yard for hours, jumping up whenever anyone walked by. He made one lady scream.

What’s not to like about Halloween? It’s candy, it’s kids, it’s costumes.

But some people manage to be grumpy about it.

Some would rather turn off all their house’s visible lights and sit in a back room watching television then open their door to children and hand out some candy.

One year, when our children were small and we lived in an apartment building full of little kids, one
family brought their child around trick or treating but didn’t hand out any candy (or have it in a bowl by their door) like the rest of us did. It was like they violated a social contract. The father said that kids might take more than one candy from the bowl if they just left it out. Oh, yes, and that would be so terrible. Jerk.

Some people have religious objections. There are schools here in Texas that celebrate “Harvest Day,” not Halloween and don’t allow their students to dress as any magical or supernatural creatures. You can dress up as a farmer but not as Superman, because Superman is Against God. I’m sorry, but that’s just stupid.

Buy some candy, give it to kids, get over yourself.

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