Tuesday, July 21, 2015

The Scoop on Picking Up Poop

© Diana Thomson
OK, so most of us know, even if we don’t like and even if we don’t do it, that dog owners are supposed to pick up after their animals.

And for those who don’t, some places are looking into ways to catch them, like by testing the DNA of poops and tracing them back to the dogs’owners.

However simple the concept of cleaning up after your dog seems, some people don’t get it. Take, for instance, one of my mother’s neighbors. He carries bags, brightly colored ones, no less, he deposits his dog’s poops in them, but then he ties up the bag and leaves it on whoever’s lawn the dog pooped on. See? That misses the whole point. You’d think this didn’t have to be spelled out, but apparently it does: No one else should have to deal with your dog’s poops.

In my own neighborhood, via Nextdoor, which I think of as the “Nosy Neighbor Network,” even as I use it myself, there was a long-running debate about whether it was OK to toss your dog’s poop in your neighbor’s garbage can while you are out walking. The majority opinion was no, though I enjoyed one opposition post: “Oh, the horror, to have your garbage can smell like … garbage!”

My husband and I differ in how we handle the poop bag once it is, err, filled. I wrap the bag up into a small package and hold it, hidden, in my hand. One drawback: yup, your hand might smell more like poop if you do it this way. My husband, in contrast, holds the bag by the handles and even swings it as he walks and talks to people. I think, no one wants to see that.

And that’s all the scoop I have on that.

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  1. Okay, pet peeve time here. I take my little chihuahua to our local park for a walk every day. His poops are the size of Tootsie Rolls but I still pick them up and put them in the nearest trash can. (The only ones I leave are those he does under a bush in the garden where no one is going to step on them.) I encounter large piles of big dog poop on our walks all the time. Once I watched a man pick up after his German shepherd and actually take it and the dog into the restroom to throw it away. I made it a point to compliment him on being a good citizen. He agreed that leaving poop that size was revolting. He's one in a million, I'm afraid.