Saturday, January 9, 2016

Waffles vs. Pancakes

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I was recently at a motel’s continental breakfast, where there was a make-your-own waffle station. 

You scooped batter out of a nearby bowl, poured it onto the waffle iron, closed it, flipped it over and waited 3 minutes – which is a long time when a bunch of kids, in flannel pajama pants and winter coats, are lining up behind you.

I had never made a waffle before.

Which got me thinking: Why do people bother with waffles? Aren’t waffles and pancakes basically the same thing? If so, why would anybody bother with a waffle iron? Judging by how I had to peel my waffle off the motel’s, I would guess they are a pain in the ass to clean and, according to Amazon, they cost somewhere in the $40 range and are just another one of those specialty, rarely used gadgets that clutter up your kitchen. 
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According to Alton Brown, however, waffles and pancakes are not the same. Despite what many people, like me, think, he says, the batter is different. And he points out that waffles are crunchy while pancakes are soft, something I had never known was intentional. When waffles have been crunchy for me in a diner or wherever, I thought it was because someone overcooked them. And I could never understand the appeal of Belgian waffles, which are just this crunchy bricklike thing. Apparently, though, what are called Belgian waffles here in the US are nothing like the waffles made in Belgium, which sound amazing.  And I’ve had plenty of soft, limp waffles, such as Eggo waffles, which are, come to think of it, gross.

Clearly, I have to find good waffles to try.

Who knew?

I'm not the only one to contemplate this issue.
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