Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Three Lefts Make A Right


I have a terrible sense of direction. No joke: I routinely get lost trying to make a block.

So, the routes I take to get to places are a little, shall we say, unique.

I wonder what someone tracking my movements – and my car’s GPS keeps track as does my phone, so that information, as boring as it is, is out there somewhere – would make of me.

There’s the short way, the long way, the scenic route – and then there’s my way. Plus, there’s all the times I get lost.

The thing is, I think I get to see more interesting things than I would if I took the conventional route. Certainly, city streets have more going on and country roads look a look a lot nicer than highways.

And sometimes when I get lost, I find myself in a pretty, and otherwise hidden, residential neighborhood or in an area that’s just interesting. (“Wow, look, an entire neighborhood of strip clubs.”) I see shops and restaurants I’d like to try – or that just make me happy. For example, I know where, in Houston, to buy a player piano.

The trick used to be finding these places again, but that problem’s solved with GPS. (GPS = Best Invention Ever.)

Incidentally, I think giving directions might be a thing of the past. Thank God. I hate when people try to give me directions. Because I am NEVER going to get it, no matter how many times they repeat themselves or how many nifty little maps they draw for me. Just let me use my auxiliary brain, I mean my GPS, to get there.

And if I end up wandering around a little bit, that’s OK.


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  1. You accept your limitations with good humor, and a positive outlook. I love that!!