Wednesday, January 7, 2015

When More Is More

Someone has the Christmas spirit.
I tend to be a “less is more” kind of person: restrained, held back, cautious.

However, there are times when less is definitely not more.

One Christmas, early on in our relationship, my husband complained, “Oh, are we always just going to do tasteful, little white lights?” He was right. Since then, our tree has been done up with colored lights, blinking lights, big and small lights, lights, lights, lights. As this fabulous house from our neighborhood shows, when it comes to Christmas lights, more is more.

Same with gift wrap. Shiny paper, tissue, ribbons, glitter, sparkle. More is more here. In fact, generally speaking, more is more in all aspects of gift-giving. You generally feel good about going all out when buying someone a gift, holding back, not so much.

"Derby Racer" by Larry Fuente
Art Car Museum, Houston
Cake frosting and other decorations on cakes and cupcakes: hard to imagine what too much would be. Ditto for things like the options on a make-your-own-sundae bar.

Bedazzling something. Not that I have ever done this, but if you are going to, then go ahead and go all out, like they do on the cars in Houston’s annual Art Car parade.

Flowers. Again, hard to imagine too many. Outside in flower beds, inside in vases. Hell, plants and trees of all types, inside and out. Can’t have too many.

Sometimes, it’s OK to go nuts.

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