Monday, December 3, 2012

Are You A Mean Person? A Quiz

Ever wonder how mean you are?
Be honest.

1.      In a store, when you are at the end of a long line and another cashier opens up, have you ever rushed over to be first, even though other people have been waiting longer?

If YES, award yourself a point.

2.      When driving, do you tailgate, hoping to bully the slowpoke in front of you into going faster?

If YES, a point.

3.      When you have been the slowpoke, was it a matter of principle for you to drive at or below the speed limit, no matter what the speed of the traffic around you?

YES? A point.

4.      Do you believe in hell?

If YES, a point.

5.      Do dogs and/or babies like you?

If NO, a point.

6.      Do you like them?

If NO, a point.

7.      Do you believe it’s OK to spank children?

If YES, a point.

8.      Do you give money to street entertainers?
If NO, a point.

9.      Do you think the latest generation is spoiled?

If YES, a point.

10.  Do you pride yourself on “not suffering fools gladly?”

If YES, a point. (BTW, here is my current favorite Wikipedia entry.)

11.  When someone is struggling, failing or unhappy, have you ever declared, as if you’re being helpful, that it’s because they are lazy and/or stupid? (This does not have to be to the person’s face.)

If YES, a point.

12.  Have you ever given someone a gift, for no reason at all?

If NO, a point.


10-12 points:           Congratulations! You are an asshole!
 4-10 points:             No one’s perfect.
0-3 points:               Perhaps you should apply for sainthood.


  1. I'm a saint! (3) I hadn't thought about tailgaiting others to get them to hurry their fat a$$ up but its not a bad idea. I'd still be a pretty good guy.

  2. I somehow managed to score a 13...