Saturday, December 8, 2012

Inventions That Don’t Work, But We All Pretend That They Do

Swim Diapers: OK, you know when you’re at the community pool, maybe your kids are having their swim lessons, and all the pre-potty crowd are down in the shallow end, wearing their little blue swim diapers, per pool rules? Well, guess what? Swim diapers do not actually keep poop germs out of the pool!

Hand Dryers in Public Bathrooms: C’mon. These never get your hands dry. And while hand-dryer manufacturers have contested the findings, some studies have shown that hand dryers actually blow germs onto your hands and all over the bathroom.
The Air Circulation Button in Cars: By the time you realize there is a bad smell outside the car (because you smelled it) and press this button, the smell gets trapped inside with you.

Pop-Up Stoppers: These are the ones actually inside your sink or tub drain. By pushing and pulling a button, you close and open the drain. But these stoppers invariably – and regularly – get crapped up by what one plumbing website delicately refers to as “bio matter,” causing a clog. Then, you have to pull the stopper out of the drain and clean off said bio matter. Eww. Note to plumbing-fixture designers: Whatever bio matter I produce in the shower or at the sink, I want to put it down the drain and NEVER DEAL WITH IT AGAIN.

I am sure there are others ….

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  1. Videos on the internet! They do not work like they are supposed to. Have you ever tried to watch one of the stupid videos that yahoo tries to link you to? They NEVER work right. You end up waiting for about 10 minutes for a 3 minute, herky-jerky video that was totally not worth it. And youtube- when you click on a promising looking video how often does the f*****g thing work right? Basically never in my experience. Its a lot of waiting around for the thing to watch and going back to the begining waiting for the later parts to load.